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Design, Research;
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Inés Sistiaga is a designer focused on the connection between body and matter. Graduated Cum Laude from Design Academy Eindhoven, her body of work and research includes a wide array of materials and expertise collaborations.  


Tailored Bond  

This project explores the possibilities of combining 3D technologies, biology and knitting to create assisted healing devices that support different tissues in the body.

Tailored bond proposes a tailored-to-fit system which operates through a software capable of translating detailed data, from a patient’s 3D MRI scan, into a code for the knitting machine to understand. Hence, parameters as stiffness, compression, elasticity, texture, warmth and transpiration, within others, can find material translation into a knitted customised brace.

In this work the body as the starting point is absorbed into the design. I performed an extensive material and construction research regarding knitting as a tissue that can coexist with human’s soft structures. Lacing together a range of disciplines: care, orthopaedics, coding and the knitting industry, with the aim to transform the current scenario, which bases it’s design process on a standardised understanding of the body

The production and material exploration has been supported by Knitting Holland Funding, and researched in collaboration with Textiel Lab Tilburg Museum and Knitwearlab. Willing to expand the possibilities of this technique, the working method has been experimental, trial and error, in a constant feedback between the knitter and me.